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Light In August
Laurie Anderson, 1974

I never understood the density of an electric socket until it became one of my last possessions

things stolen from me in August 1974 through a hole cut in the concrete wall of my loft on Second Street, New York City:

paintings by my grandmother
stereo system
diaries (1959-1965)
blank checks
fiberglass rocks made by Bronx Zoo workshop
tennis racquet
color tv set
tape recorder
box of love letters from 1968
Light In August
things destroyed in the break-in:

films (cut up)
lights and windows (broken)
records (smashed)
musical scores (shredded)
books (burned)
clothes (shredded)

things retrieved from a small suitcase dropped on the stairs during the break-in:

five year old pair of jeans (missing zipper)
bongo drums
an electric socket